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So, how does it work?
Step 1 - Register
You must register first to be able to chat in our game rooms.
Step 2 - Play A Game
Play one of our hundreds of games to access our game rooms. With new games available every day, this step should be easy!
Step 3 - Chat!
That's it! Look for the chat window on the right, and start chatting with all of our users around the world!
What are game rooms?
Game rooms are chat rooms that are available for our users in our game sections. You can chat with people in our public lobby, or create your own specific (game related or other topic) room to chat with users. Some of our social and point related features are also available in the game room, for your convenience.
How Do I Use Game Rooms?
You will find 4 tabs. Under Chat, you can change/create rooms, change your status, and see which of your friends are online. You will see a list of users online and you can start chatting by typing in the rectangular box above the send button. There is also a suite of other functionality in the remaining tabs (Game, Profile, Friends) which allow you to view important information related to the game, your profile, your friends, and perform actions straight from the game room.
Can I send my friends messages?
Yes, you can chat with them if they are available in a particular game room. If not, click on the Friends tab, click on their profile, and leave them a message on their page.
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